Vintage Nicole Johnson
Women of Faith

Vintage Nicole Johnson

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10 of your favorite Nicole Johnson sketches on one DVD!  

Sketches Include:

  • Hats - No wonder we talk to ourselves, hear voices and never to the bathroom alone ~ there are 8 women inside each of us! Men named it multitasking, but women invented it!
  • Motherhood - The trials and tribulations of the hardest job never known to man
  • Keeping a Princess Heart - What would it look like if Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White had to survive in our world today? Could they manage the challenges the modern woman must face and still keep their princess hearts?
  • Dropping Your Rock - In biblical times rocks were the way people dealt with sin; unfortunately rocks don't hit sin, they hit people.
  • Raising the Sail - How can we choose faith over fear when it comes to our children? In this powerful drama, Maggie, the mother of a teenage daughter, painfully learns that the real way to hold on is to let go.
  • Girlfriends - Join Tammie Jean on her break from the coffee shop and pick up a little southern fried wisdom about the value and joy of having great girlfriends.
  • Playing with Fire: A large forest can be set on fire by a little flame. A mother faces the truth about her careless, angry words and the destruction they have caused. 
  • Captain Hook - reveals our "inner pirate" who manipulates others and refuses to let anyone "off the hook."
  • The Invisible Woman - If your kids don't know how their socks get back in the drawer or how their lunches get made, chances are good you an invisible woman. But to the builder of a great cathedral, invisibility can be beautiful. 
  • Stepping Into the Ring - The story of a woman's desperate fight with breast cancer and her deeper enemy - despair.

PLUS Bonus Selections!


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