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Five download files from Marilyn Meberg... 

  • 2003  Life Can Be An Adventure   Marilyn offers up some of her most-loved stories (mint punch fiasco, Ajax sticker adventures) and thoughts on Joseph (the one with the multi-colored coat) to remind us God’s plan for us is always good.
  • 2005  All We Need Is The Faith of a Mustard Seed  She talks about her husband being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and a trip to South Africa with her Women of Faith buddies. 
  • 2007  Freedom to Have Closure.  Marilyn shares about Joni's short 15-day life, needing closure, and her Grandmother Clock.
  • 2009  He Chose You!  Listen to Marilyn's stories of her childhood garage door and her father's childhood.  
  • 2010  Wanting More   Laugh as Marilyn recounts the story of a dinner bet with Luci, and of her childhood friend.




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