Video: Sheila Walsh: “Get in the Boat” From The Believe God Can Do Anything Tour (2013)


How Jesus takes the storm-tossed pieces of your life & makes something beautiful out of them. 

Bible teacher and Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh shares her powerful life-changing message that no matter what storm you are facing, God knows, and He cares.  And she knows firsthand.  Sheila shares her own struggle and how God made a way, even in her darkest times.  And whether you feel a storm brewing, are in the middle of a storm, or facing the aftermath, don’t be afraid.  He is right there with you.  And when you trust whole-heartedly and get in the boat with Jesus guiding the way, He’ll take all the storm-tossed pieces of your life and make something beautiful out of them.  This message was recorded live at an event on the Women of Faith Believe God Can Do Anything tour.



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