She Did What She Could: Five Words of Jesus That Will Change Your Life, (book and study guide)


"She did what she could." And Jesus loved her for it.

Jesus said these words about Mary after she anointed him with oil.  "She did what she could." Not everything, not more than most, just, simply, what she could. And Jesus loved her for it. What if we lived our faith that way? What if we responded to the need before us - in the moment - with an everyday action? In the front yard, at the market, on an airplane. Elisa Morgan guides you to ways to begin serving right where you are.
126 pages  |  Paperback

Study Guide
This companion Bible study guide to the same-titled book helps women find God’s power in even the smallest of things.
The 6-session topical study begins by looking at what women can do individually, then studies what women can accomplish together. Discover the specific purpose God has called you to in furthering His kingdom. Includes discussion questions, thought-provoking messages, and activities to draw out interaction.
80 pages  |  Paperback  |  by Elisa Morgan

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